We have Pro vents to help get the air in and heat out!

PO-128 Pro Removable Hood

If you like to have hot food on the mountain, this is the ONLY way to go! Install your cooker next to the y-pipe and you will have HOT food all day long! Clutch side is removable, other side is permanent. Comes with darts and grommets and all hardware to install. Good instructions are included to ensure it will fit correctly.

PO-125 Permanent Hood Vents

By cutting additional areas out from under the hood, you allow more cold air to flow through the engine compartment and your engine components will live a longer life.

PO-111 - Side Vents

Move as much air as possible with the large side vent. Draws air from above and below the clutch cover. The best vent for the money!

PO-112: Side Front

Brings cold air into the side panel above the clutch cover to get the heat out. The pipe side one is larger and gives GREAT airflow to remove heat.

PO-114: Grill Cover

This vent uses the stock tabs and retainers so there is no cutting or changing. Just push the vent onto the tabs, put the retainers one and no more snow.

PO-118: Clutch side Shock tower

This one gives you a DIRECT shot of cold air onto you primary clutch for maximum cooling.

PO-115: Bottom Vent

When paired with PO-118 in the shock tower, this optimizes your clutch cooling by drawing out the air brought in by the shock tower vent.

PO-113: Top Vent

This is on the side panel and gives a great way for additional air to be removed from under the hood so it never reaches your clutches.

PO-137 Pro Intake

These completely replace the stock Polaris intake vent. They use the tab slots from the stock vent and just fold over on the top and take 2 rivets.

PO-138 Pro Top Console

Especially for the turbo guys! If you take out your intake and want to help the heat escape, this works very well! 2 pieces that fit perfectly together and bent with the contour of the dash area.

PO-130 Pro Knee Vent

Let all that hot air out through the knee area. It is VERY important in this location to only use a hole saw!

Custom Logos!

With the logos we've developed, it'll look stock but you'll have great airflow also!


Let us help you keep your sled cool and save you $$ on belts!

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